Rule 17. Vehicles  

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  • Except with the written permission of the Park Board, no person shall give, receive or participate in automobile driver training; nor dust, wash or any way clean any automobile or other vehicle; nor take a truck or other business vehicle of any kind over park property; nor repair or service any automobile or other vehicle, except emergency repair or service, on park property. This Rule shall be subject to the following exception, to wit: That for the purpose of delivering goods and merchandise to a property owner whose only entrance is on a parkway, and for the purpose of rendering "service and automobile aid" in cases of necessity, a commercial vehicle, equipped with pneumatic tires, may be driven over such parkway or roadway within park property, provided; however, that such vehicle approach and leave park property by the intersecting street nearest to the location at which delivery is made or aid is rendered. This Rule shall also be subject to the provisions of Section 506-66 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code.

(PR Rule 17; enacted by Resolution of Feb. 4, 1932; a. Nov. 3, 1956; a. eff. Dec. 16, 2011)