Rule 28. Speeches, Signs

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  • No person shall on or within commission property or on any sidewalk bounding such property make any speech or harangue or display any sign device, information or exhibition in consequence of which there is caused or created such a gathering of persons as to interfere with the usual or specifically authorized recreation or pedestrian use of such property or sidewalks.


    WHEREAS, the city charter of the city of Cincinnati in Article VII, Section 14, provides for the establishment of a public recreation commission; and

    WHEREAS, Article XIV, Section 3, of the administrative code, establishes the powers of the public recreation commission to equip, operate, supervise, and maintain recreation properties within and without the city limits; and

    WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 316, passed by city council of the city of Cincinnati on September 13, 1961, and amended by Ordinance No. 93, passed by city council on March 28, 1962, "Authorizes the public recreation commission to adopt and enforce regulations governing the use and protection of recreation property, and provides a penalty for the violation thereof by ordaining supplementary Section 901-014 of the code of ordinances, certified copies of such rules and regulations to be filed with the clerk of council now, therefore

    BE IT RESOLVED by the public recreation commission of the city of Cincinnati that

    SECTION I. The term "commission property" as used herein shall signify property owned by the city of Cincinnati and which has been designated or set aside for recreational purposes and any other property under the control of the recreation commission by virtue of a lease, rental basis, or agreement.

    SECTION II. For the purpose of this resolution the following words shall be defined and shall have the meanings herein ascribed to them:

    (a) Bicycle. A two-wheeled vehicle, propelled by human power, having a tandem arrangement of wheels equipped with tires either of which is over 20 inches in diameter.

    (b) Vehicle. Every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon recreation property, except devices other than bicycles moved by human power.

    SECTION III. The following rules and regulations be adopted governing the proper use and protection of commission property:

    SECTION IV. Enforcement. The enforcement of this regulations, authorized by Ordinance No. 316, like other ordinances of the city of Cincinnati, is within the authority and jurisdiction of the Cincinnati police department.

    SECTION V. Penalty. Any person who is convicted of, or pleads guilty to the violation of the foregoing rules and regulations, shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor, and fined not more than $100.

    SECTION VI. Certified copies hereof shall be filed with the clerk of council.

    SECTION VII. In the event that any section, or part of a section included within the provisions of this resolution, shall be held by any court to be invalid or unconstitutional, such decision shall not be held to invalidate or impair the validity, force or effect of any other section, or part of a section, of this resolution.

    SECTION VIII. This resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

    Public Recreation Commission
    August 17, 1976