Rule 21. Powered Vehicles, Vehicular Traffic  

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  • (a) No person or persons except employees of the commission shall operate any powered vehicle on or within commission property except on roadways and parking lots set aside for such purposes, without the written consent of the director of recreation; and no one shall park any vehicle on commission property except in parking lots and other areas provided for this purpose, and then only in designated lanes.

    (b) No person shall park any vehicle on commission property in violation of any sign prohibiting such parking. No person shall park any vehicle or permit any vehicle to remain parked on commission property, except for the purpose of participating actively or as a spectator, in a recreational program or activity sponsored by or approved by the commission.

    (c) The operator of a vehicle shall stop in obedience to a stop sign and shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and all other vehicles not so obliged to stop.

    (d) No person may drive a vehicle over any roadway or parking lot on commission property unless such person has in his possession an operator's license or chauffeur's license, issued to said person and currently in effect, except that a person having a temporary operator's license is prohibited from driving on said roadways or parking lot.

    (e) No person shall operate any vehicle on a roadway or a parking lot on commission property at a speed greater than is reasonable and proper under existing conditions, but not to exceed 25 miles per hour, nor operate such vehicle in such a manner as to endanger the life, limb, or property of other persons.