§ 9.6. Adoption of Ordinances  

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  • An ordinance or resolution in its final form, and referred for consideration, shall be introduced and filed with the clerk's office, which communicates it to the mayor for referral to committee. If approved by a committee, the item is sent to the mayor through the clerk of council for placement on the council agenda.

    All ordinances shall require for passage the concurrence of no fewer than a majority of the members elected to council.

    A vote of six members of council is necessary (a) to appropriate property when notice to the owner is only by publication because the owner cannot be found (719.05 O.R.C.), (b) to pass an emergency measure (Art. II, Sec. 3,Charter), (c) to submit to the electorate a proposal to amend the Charter (Art. XVIII, Sec. 9, Constitution), or (d) to overrule the failure of the planning commission to approve an amendment of the zoning ordinance or of the zone map or location of a public improvement or other matter on which the charter requires planning commission advice. An ordinance creating, combining, abolishing or decreasing the powers of any department, division or board, shall require a vote of three-fourths of the members elected to the council (Art. II, Sec. 7, Charter).