§ 8.3. Procedural Motion During Debate  

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  • When a motion is before council, only the following procedural motions shall be entertained with precedence in the order listed.

    (a) Motion to Refer. Approval of a motion to refer may commit or recommit any pending question to a specific standing committee or may refer the matter to a special committee, the city manager, a board or commission or a department director for investigation, report or action. The response to such referral shall be made to council or as council otherwise directs.

    (b) Motion for Vote on Current Item. Approval by a majority of council of a motion for vote on the current item shall close debate and council shall immediately proceed to a vote on the current question. The motion is not debatable.

    (c) Motion to Amend. A motion to amend may only be amended once. An amendment once rejected may not be moved again substantially in the same form.

    (d) Motion to Postpone Indefinitely. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of council is required to approve a motion to postpone indefinitely. If a motion to postpone an item carries, the item is considered lost without a vote on the merits.