§ 8.1. Motions; General  

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  • All motions shall require a majority vote of council for adoption except as otherwise provided in these rules. When a motion is made it shall be stated by the chair before debate. A member may withdraw or amend a motion at any time before passage. All motions are debatable unless specifically stated otherwise.

    In order to be referred to an appropriate department in the administration for analysis and preparation of report, a motion drafted by a council member requires either the signature of three council members or the chair of committee with jurisdiction on the topic and one other council member. This shall not include requests to the solicitor's office for assistance in the drafting or preparations of such documents. The clerk of council shall prepare and distribute to council members a weekly report of new legislative activities, to include the name of the sponsor, the title and the committee referral.

    A motion in its final form, and referred for consideration, shall be introduced and filed with the clerk's office, which communicates it to the mayor for referral to committee. If approved by a committee, the item is sent to the mayor through the clerk of council for placement on the council agenda.

    Any motion calling for a change in policy direction or the expenditure of city funds requires a majority vote of council.