§ 7.6. New Business; Announcements  

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  • The mayor and, following the mayor, each other member in alphabetical order, in rotation, with the first member being the last at the next meeting, may speak for up to three minutes with regard to any announcements or informational matters. Council will end the practice of by leaves and emergency by leaves. Time will be on the agenda only for announcements and informational matters. No legislative issues may be introduced that are not on the council calendar. All motions, communications, resolutions and ordinances must be presented to council for consideration through the formal legislative process, by which they shall be referred to the committee so designated by the mayor for consideration.

    Ceremonial resolutions that celebrate public achievements are restricted to matters of citywide significance as detailed by the mayor and clerk of council.

    Councilmembers will be politely reminded that they have exceeded three minutes by the same timer and signal used for citizens.

    Items not appearing on the calendar may be presented by the mayor at his or her sole discretion in cases of genuine emergency.