§ 5.3. Preservation of Order  

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  • The chair shall preserve order and decorum, prevent attacks on personalities or impugning of members' motives and confine members in debate to the question under discussion. The chair shall exercise final authority to take any measures reasonably necessary to preserve order during meetings and to ensure that the meeting is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner. In discharging these duties, the chair may issue directives to any member of the Cincinnati Police Department who shall be deemed a sergeant-at-arms for the mayor and council.

    Any person entering the council chambers or any of the council committee rooms while a meeting is in progress, shall render inaudible any device, such as a cell phone, beeper or paging device within such person's control that may beep, buzz or make any noise that may be audible to other persons in the area.

    There shall be a parliamentarian from the clerk of council's office, with the assistance of the solicitor's office, at every council session.