§ 10.6. Committee Quorum/Prompt Start of Committee Meetings  

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  • A majority of the members appointed to any committee of council shall constitute a quorum.

    If a quorum is not present at a special or regularly scheduled meeting, the chair or presiding committee member may permit persons present to speak on agenda issues; however, no referrals or reports to council may be made or action taken on any matter in the absence of a quorum, but shall be held in committee until the next meeting. The chair of the committee shall report to council that there was no quorum at its regularly scheduled meeting or that a scheduled meeting was not held. Should action be required on any matter referred to the committee before the committee's next scheduled meeting, council may relieve the committee from further consideration of the matter.

    If a committee chair is not present five minutes after the scheduled starting time of a committee meeting, the committee vice-chair shall call the meeting to order. If neither the chair nor the vice-chair is present, a committee member shall call the meeting to order.