§ 10.4. Committee Meetings  

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  • Each committee shall meet regularly at the time and day specified by the chair of the committee. Meetings may be canceled by the chair without objection from a majority of the committee. A tentative half-year schedule of planned committee meetings will be presented by committee chairs in January (for February through September) and September (for October through January) - allowing citizens, administration officials and councilmembers to plan and prepare for the meetings in advance. Standing council committees will generally meet every two weeks, or less frequently at the discretion of the committee chair. The committee meeting schedule should be staggered so that there are committee meetings each week.

    Committee chairs shall have the authority to schedule meetings and set the agenda for committee hearings. Members may not speak on an item unless it is on the committee agenda, or upon recognition of the chair. Once items have been referred to committee, the chair shall set the agenda for each meeting. Referred items are not to be placed on committee agenda without the consent of the chair. However, items referred to committee shall be placed on the committee agenda for consideration within 30 days of referral, provided that such items have been signed by three council members. The chair or presiding officer, in his or her sole and absolute discretion, has the authority to direct security personnel to enforce council rules for purposes of civility and decorum.

    The committee shall consider all matters referred and such matters shall be referred to the appropriate committee by or at the direction of the mayor. Any amendments or modifications to proposed action items currently pending on a committee agenda must be filed with the committee chair at least one (1) hour prior to the committee meeting in order to be discussed at said meeting. Any amendments introduced after the deadline shall be filed with the chair and will be considered at the discretion of the chair.

    Items not appearing on the agenda may be presented by the committee chair at his or her sole discretion in the case of a genuine emergency.

    A committee may consider any matter concerning the city which falls within the area of responsibility assigned to that committee. A committee may initiate legislation within its area of responsibility for submission to council and such legislation, when accompanied by a committee report, may be acted upon immediately and need not be referred to another committee unless so directed by council.