§ 10.11. Public Hearings and Special Meetings  

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  • Only a committee chair may schedule a public hearing or a special meeting, with the required public notice.

    Any committee may hold a public hearing or special meeting on any matter pending before the committee, or on any matter of importance to the city within the area of responsibility of the committee.

    In the event such a public hearing or special meeting is called, notice of such a meeting shall be published at least one time in advance in the city bulletin or other publication of general circulation.

    In the event of an emergency which necessitates scheduling a public hearing or special meeting within a period of time that does not allow publication as aforesaid, then the rules applicable to scheduling special sessions of council shall apply.

    In all cases, due care should be taken to avoid scheduling conflicts of members of the committee or other previously scheduled hearings or meetings of council and/or its standing committees.