§ 3. Applications to the Board  

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  • A. Application Forms. Applications shall be made upon forms approved by the Board and furnished by the Secretary in the manner prescribed by the Secretary and procedures set forth in Chapter 1435 of the Zoning Code. All application forms shall require the applicant to include a current, valid e-mail address for communication by the Secretary to the applicant. An applicant shall provide all information requested on an application form and required by Zoning Code. An application is deemed "complete" when this information is provided and all applicable fees are paid.

    B. Perfection of Application. All applications shall be filed with the Secretary. An application is perfected on the date a complete application is received by the Secretary. Once an application is perfected, the Secretary shall schedule a hearing on the application and provide notice of the hearing to all persons entitled to notice. Following the scheduling of the hearing, the Secretary shall not accept any additional documentation to supplement a completed application unless the information is requested in writing by the Chair or Secretary as necessary to inform the Board of the facts of the application or unless otherwise permitted herein or unless the applicant makes a written request of the Chair who has the discretion to permit the additional documentation.

    C. Withdrawal. An applicant may request to withdraw its application at any time prior to the Board voting on the merits of the application; provided, however, if a motion is pending to determine the outcome of the application, the motion must be withdrawn by the moving Board member and upon a second by another Board member before the application may be withdrawn.

    D. Postponements and Continuances. An applicant may make a request for postponement of a scheduled hearing in writing to the Secretary at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the scheduled hearing; provided, however, that if the scheduled hearing falls on a Monday, the request must be made prior to 12:00 p.m. Cincinnati time on the preceding Friday. The Secretary shall have discretion to determine whether to grant the postponement request. The Secretary shall make best efforts to promptly notify all persons who were entitled to notice of the hearing of the postponement. The Secretary shall not consider more than two (2) requests for postponement of a hearing. Additional postponement requests shall be decided by a majority vote of the Board present at the meeting. Following the expiration of the deadline to make a written request for postponement, an applicant may request the continuance of a scheduled hearing by appearing at the scheduled hearing and making an oral request to the Board. Upon hearing an oral request for continuance, the Board may continue the hearing if it determines the applicant has demonstrated good cause that the hearing should be continued.