§ 2. Board Members and Duties  

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  • A. Board Composition: Board members shall be selected and serve terms pursuant to Section 1101-83.5 CMC. The board shall be composed of up to seven (7) members, plus a Secretary who shall be an employee of the DCD Division of Property Maintenance.

    B. Board Chair: A Board Chair will preside over meetings of the Board. The Board Chair will be appointed by the City Manager. The Board will select a Vice-Chair and a Board Chair Pro Tem. In the absence of the Chair, or in a case involving a potential conflict of interest of the Chair, the Vice-Chair will preside. In the absence of Chair and Vice-Chair, or in the case of a potential conflict of interest, the Board Chair Pro Tem will preside. Additional duties of the Board Chair shall be:

    1. To decide points of procedure, unless otherwise directed by a majority vote of the Board.

    2. To decide whether a conflict of interest exists with another board member, unless the potential conflict resides with the Chair.

    3. Sign the decisions of the Board.

    C. Voting Rights: Each member of the Board will have equal voting rights, with the sole exception of the Secretary. The Secretary shall be a non-voting member. Board members shall only be eligible to enter a vote ruling on the outcome of cases for which the member is present to hear all relevant evidence and testimony.