§ 3. Appeal Applications  

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  • A. Appeal Forms; Appeal Filing. Appeals shall be made upon forms approved by the Board and furnished by the Secretary in the manner deemed appropriate by the Secretary. For an appeal to be perfected, an appellant shall file an appeal the appeal application with the Secretary and shall provide all information and fees requested on the form. All appeal applications shall be filed with the Secretary. An appellant shall provide any additional information requested in writing by the Chair or Secretary which is necessary to inform the Board of the facts of the appeal.

    B. Withdrawal; Continuance. An appellant may make a request for withdrawal of an appeal application or continuance of an appeal hearing to the Secretary, if prior to the hearing, or to the Chair, if during a hearing, at any time prior to the Board voting on the merits of the appeal; provided, however, if a motion is pending to determine the outcome of the appeal, such motion shall be withdrawn by the moving Board member and upon a second by another Board member before an appeal may be withdrawn.