§ 2. Applications  

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  • A. Application Forms. Applications shall be made upon forms approved by the ZHE and submitted in the manner prescribed by the ZHE and the procedures set forth in the Zoning Code. An applicant must provide all information requested on an application form and required by the Zoning Code. An application is deemed "complete" when the Department of City Planning and Buildings Director or its designee ("Department Staff") determines this information is provided and all applicable fees are paid.

    B. Perfection of Application. All applications shall be filed with Department Staff at the City's Business Development and Permit Center located at 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225 (the "Permit Center"). An application is "perfected" on the date a complete application is received by Department Staff at the Permit Center.

    Once perfected, Department Staff shall transmit the application to the ZHE within three business days of its receipt. Following receipt of a perfected application, the ZHE shall schedule a hearing on the application. Notice of the hearing shall be posted on the Department of City Planning and Buildings's online calendar ("Official Calendar") which can be found at www.cincinnati-oh.gov/zoning. Notice shall also be published in the City Bulletin and mailed to all persons entitled to receive it.

    C. Case Files. All case files are available for review and download through the ProjectDox system (cagisdocs.hamilton-co.org/ProjectDox). Applicants, designated community council representatives, and designated City representatives shall receive automatic access to case files in which they have an interest. All other persons wishing to access a case file must provide the ZHE with the case number and their email address. Upon receiving this information, the ZHE shall provide them access to the case file.

    D. Electronic Submissions. Following the perfection of an application, all additional application materials submitted by an applicant and all written correspondence or documentation submitted by a person wishing to be heard on an application must be submitted electronically through the ProjectDox system (cagisdocs.hamilton-co.org/ProjectDox). Instructions for using the system are available online or upon request.

    All application materials, correspondence, and documentation placed in a folder must be formatted for size 8½" × 11" or larger; must be formatted in .pdf, .tiff, or other read-only format; and must include the name of the person submitting the materials, correspondence, or documentation and their address and telephone number. Conforming application materials, written correspondence, and documents must be placed in the appropriate folder no later than three business days prior to the date of the hearing.

    The ZHE shall have the discretion to remove any application materials, correspondence, or documentation submitted in violation of these rules from the case file and strike them from the record.

    E. Withdrawal. An applicant may request to withdraw its application at any time prior to the issuance of a written decision on the application.