§ 0009-5. Fees

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  • (A) Nursing care (home visits) shall be charged for at the rate not greater than the cost of the services rendered, and, as directed by Article XX, Administrative Code, Sections 2, 2(a), 2(b) and 2(c), of the Cincinnati municipal code.

    (B) Such fees shall be collected from the patient unless an agreement for providing nursing care services has been entered into between the board of health and a person or a public or private agency whereby payments for such services are made directly to the board of health on a periodic basis.

    (C) A receipt shall be written in triplicate at the time of payment of any fee for nursing care by an individual. The original copy shall be issued to the party making payment.

    (D) All fees collected for providing nursing care services shall be deposited into the "public health nursing fund" of the health district, as authorized by Section 3709.15 of the Ohio Revised Code, and shall be used by the board only for defraying the cost of personnel, equipment, supplies, rental of physical facilities including real property, utilities, and administrative costs in providing services.