§ 0007-3. Application and Operation  

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  • (A) Plan Submittal. Any person seeking approval to operate a business within the boundaries of the City of Cincinnati offering tattooing and/or body piercing shall submit the "Plan Review Request Form and Application" with all supporting documentation listed on the form. All requests for plan review are to be accompanied by the fee as set forth in this Regulation and shall be submitted before construction of the establishment commences.

    (B) Plan Approval. The Health Commissioner may issue a Certificate of Inspection for a tattooing and/or body piercing establishment after review of all documentation and a complete inspection. The plan review information is only submitted once, unless the operator extensively alters the establishment that would require the re-submittal of plans.

    (C) Forms Approval. All forms that are provided to the patron regarding a procedure are to be approved by and include all language specified by the Health Commissioner.

    (D) Safety and Sanitation.

    (1) All operators of a tattooing and body piercing shall ensure that all persons in the operation follow the requirements in the OAC 3701-9-04 and 3701-9-08.

    (2) Quality assurance testing shall be performed every week in which the autoclave was used for the sterilization of equipment to ensure the capability of the autoclave to achieve the performance standard equal to that required by the OAC 3745-27-32 Quality Assurance.

    (E) Approval of Alternative Methods of Sterilization. All other methods of sterilization other than those specified in OAC 3701-9-08 must be approved by the Health Commissioner and must meet at least the standards set in (D) above of this Section of this Regulation.

    (F) Inspection. A minimum of one Health Department inspection will be required prior to issuance of the Certificate of Inspection.

    (G) Annual Certificate of Inspection. An annual Certificate of Inspection may be issued to the operator after the department has received a completed application and the fee required by this Regulation.

    (H) Time Limited Events. The Health Commissioner may issue a certificate for a time-limited tattooing and/or body piercing establishment (such as a fair or convention). Any person(s) who wish to operate a tattoo and/or body piercing service on a time-limited basis must apply for a time-limited certificate by submitting the following at least one week in advance of the event:

    (1) An application,

    (2) A diagram of the set-up including location of all equipment,

    (3) A description of the method of sanitation with a copy of the latest spore testing,

    (4) Copies of all forms used,

    (5) Applicable fee.

(Ordained by Res. No. 1999-05, § 1, eff. March 27, 1999)