§ 0007-1. Definitions  

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  • (A) "Board of Health" means the Board of Health of the City of Cincinnati.

    (B) "Certificate" and "Certificate of Inspection" means the written approval required to be issued by the Board of Health pursuant to OAC 3701-9-02 as defined in OAC 3701-9-01(B) indicating that the tattoo and body piercing establishment has been inspected by the Board of Health and meets all terms of ORC 3730 and OAC 3701-9.

    (C) "Department" means the Health Department of the City of Cincinnati.

    (D) "Establishment" means any place within the City of Cincinnati where body piercing and/or tattooing is performed as defined by the OAC 3701-9-01(E) and (Q).

    (E) "Health Commissioner" means the Health Commissioner of the Board of Health of the City of Cincinnati, or the Health Commissioner's authorized representative.

    (F) "Operators" means any person, firm, company, corporation or association, including their employees, agents, or contractors, that owns, controls, operates, conducts or manages a tattoo or body piercing establishment.

(Ordained by Res. No. 1999-05, § 1, eff. March 27, 1999)