§ 00077-1. Definitions  

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  • A. "Household Sewage Treatment System" means any sewage disposal or treatment system, or part thereof, for any single family, two-family, or three-family dwelling which receives sewage.

    B. "Installer" means any person who installs, or is in the business of installing, a household sewage treatment system, or part thereof.

    C. "Septage Hauler" means any person who engages in the collection, transportation, disposal, and land application of domestic septage.

    D. "Service Provider" means any person who services, but does not install or alter, a sewage treatment system.

    E. "Alter" means to change by making substantive replacements of, additions to, or deletions in the design or materials or to change the location of an existing sewage treatment system. For the purposes of this chapter, the terms "alter" or "alteration" shall not include the replacement of an existing sewage treatment system or the repair of a sewage treatment system by making minor corrections to existing components or substituting parts of a component with like parts as would occur during the servicing and maintenance of a sewage treatment system.

(Amend. Res. No. 2007-01, §§ 1, 2, approved Feb. 2007; a. Res. No. 2009-01, approved Feb. 11, 2009)