§ 00055-3. Fees  

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  • (A) On or after the first day of December, but before the first day of January of the next year, every person or governmental entity that intends to operate a recreational vehicle park, recreation camp, or combined park-camp shall procure a license from the licensor to operate such a park or camp for said year.

    (B) License Fees:

    (1) Less than 50 Sites .....$281.00

    (2) 50+ Sites .....281.00

    plus 1.30/site

    (3) Temporary License .....52.00

    (C) Bacteriological Water Sample .....5.00

    [(D) Reserved.]

    (E) The portion of any fee retained by the Board of Health shall be paid into a special fund and used only for the purpose of administering and enforcing sections 3729.01 to 3729.13 of the Revised Code and the rules adopted thereunder.

(Amended Mar. 27, 1979; a. Oct. 23, 1990; a. Nov. 24-92; a. Sept. 28, 1993; a. Oct. 25, 1994; a. Nov. 28, 1995; a. Feb. 24, 1998; a. Res. No. 2004-29, §§ 1, 2, eff. Dec. 28, 2004)