§ 00011-3. Permits  

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  • (A) No person, directly or indirectly shall construct, operate or maintain a transient accommodation in the Cincinnati Health Department District without first obtaining a permit from the Health Commissioner.

    (B) Any person who is contemplating the construction, alteration, or conversion for occupancy or use of a transient accommodation or any portion or facility thereof, or to convert a property for use or occupancy as a transient accommodation shall give notice in writing to the Health Commissioner at least 45 days before the beginning of such construction, alteration, or conversion.

    (C) The Health Commissioner shall issue a permit to operate to each operator of a transient accommodation who applies for a permit, upon compliance by the applicant with the provisions of these regulations.

    (D) During the month of June of each year, except as here in after provided every operator of a transient accommodations during any part of the licensing year shall apply for a license for that year from the Cincinnati Board of Health. All licenses shall be applied and paid for prior to July first of each year.

    (E) Fees for issuing and renewing transient accommodations operations licenses determined by the Cincinnati Board of Health in accordance with section 00011 of the Board of Health regulations may be levied upon each transient accommodations operation. These fees shall be used solely for paying the expenses of the administration and enforcement of Board of Health regulation 00011.

    (F) If a license fee as prescribed under this paragraph is not filed with the licensor or postmarked on or before the date it is due, a late fee of $50.00 shall be imposed and paid.

    (G) A permit to operate a transient accommodation shall be valid for the calendar year for which it is issued, provided that such permit shall be renewed before July 1 of the following year. The permit shall not be transferable or assignable and shall automatically become invalid upon change of operator or upon suspension or revocation.

    (H) A permit must be conspicuously posted at all times at the transient accommodation for which it was issued during operation and maintenance of said transient accommodation.

    (I) In the event of an intended change of operator of a transient accommodation, the new operator shall make written application for a permit to operate to the Health Commissioner at least ten days before the proposed change is effected.

    (J) Only those persons who comply with the provisions of these regulations shall be entitled to receive and retain a permit to operate a transient accommodation.

    (K) In the event of an intended change of use for a transient accommodation, the operator shall first obtain approval from (including but not limited to) the zoning department having jurisdiction, state fire marshal's office, building department having jurisdiction, and the Cincinnati Health Department.

(March 2008)