§ 00011-21. Fee Schedule for Transient Accommodations  

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  • The cost of a license for a Transient Accommodation as defined in section 00011-1 of the Board of Health Regulations shall be determined according to section 00011-7 of the Board of Health Regulations, and shall be as follows:

    (A) Transient Accommodations.

    (1) Up to and including 100 Guest rooms .....$150.00

    (2) Each additional guest room over 100 .....1.75

    (B) Any such fee or portion of such fee retained by the Board of Health shall be paid into a special fund and used only for the purpose of administering and enforcing Board of Health Regulation 00011.

    (C) If a license fee is not received by the Board of Health on or before the date it is due, a penalty of $50.00 shall be imposed and paid as provided in Board of Health Regulation 00011-3.