§ 00011-13. Plan Review  

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  • (A) No person shall construct, extensively alter, or equip a transient accommodation until plans have been submitted to and approved by the Health Commissioner.

    (B) The Health Commissioner shall act upon such plans within 45 days of receipt.

    (C) Plans and specifications shall clearly show and describe the:

    (1) Total area to be used as a transient accommodation;

    (2) General layout of the accommodation showing location of building, guest rooms, toilet facilities, solid waste storage, water supply, bathing facilities, laundry facilities, furniture within the guest rooms, and lighting;

    (3) Entrances and exits;

    (4) Method and plans for drainage of surface and storm water;

    (5) Water supply location and development;

    (6) Sewage disposal methods;

    (7) Methods of solid waste collection, storage, and disposal;

    (8) Guest rooms including size and construction data, heating, lighting, ventilation, cooking and eating facilities, and beds and bedding;

    (9) Identification of food equipment and drink machines, make and model number (including ice machines) shall be provided before installation, and shall be approved by a recognized food equipment testing agency.

(March 2008)