§ 6. Resources and Redundancy

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  • The city council will allocate resources sufficient for the CCA and CPD to accomplish the foregoing.

    The CPRP and police investigation functions of OMI will be eliminated, and associated resources will be allocated to the CCA.


    Was the CCA established on a timely basis?

    Was the CCA fully staffed and resourced?

    Was an effective Memorandum of Understanding developed establishing a co-operative working relationship between the CPD and the CCA?

    How many complaints were handled and what were the categories of those complaints?

    What was the time to disposition of the complaints?

    What were the outcomes of the complaints?

    Was a mediation process established?

    Was a restorative justice process established and evaluated?

    Were basic goals/objectives/outcomes achieved?

(Ordained by Ord. No. 149-2002, eff. May 15, 2002)