§ 4. Prevention  

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  • There are two methods used for reducing citizen complaints: (i) thorough investigation of officers charged with misconduct, and (ii) examination of complaint patterns to identify at-risk officers, citizens and circumstances. The former represents the traditional method of complaint prevention. The latter method involves an examination both of circumstances that lead to complaints and opportunities to alter those circumstances. It is a problem-solving approach that may prove effective in Cincinnati.

    The CCA will examine complaint patterns that might provide opportunities for the CPD and community to reduce complaints. At a minimum, the CCA will look for three types of patterns: (i) repeat officers, (ii) repeat citizen complainants, and (iii) repeat complaint circumstances. Following the identification of such patterns, the CCA and the CPD jointly will undertake a problem-solving project to determine the reason(s) for the pattern and whether there are opportunities to eliminate or reduce root causes. Where feasible, this project should involve both affected officers and the community.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 149-2002, eff. May 15, 2002)