§ 3-F. Records  

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  • The CCA and CPD will create a shared electronic database that will track all citizen complaints, including the manner in which they were addressed (e.g., CCA investigation or CCRP) and their dispositions. Subject to restrictions which may exist in any applicable collective bargaining agreements, this database also will capture data sufficient for the CCA and the CPD to identify officers involved in repeat allegations, citizens making repeat allegations and circumstances giving rise to citizen complaints. This data will be integrated into, or regularly shared with, an electronic information management system to be developed by the CPD. Procedures will be adopted to secure information which is not subject to release under Ohio law.

    In addition to the foregoing, the CCA shall maintain its files for each investigation for a period of five years or such shorter period as may be provided in any applicable collective bargaining agreement. Where feasible, those files shall include tape-recorded interviews of officers, complainants and witnesses. These data will be made available for the accountability system.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 149-2002, eff. May 15, 2002)