§ 2. Duties of Director of Public Services  

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  • The director of public services shall have charge of the repair, maintenance, and cleaning of all streets, boulevards, alleys, viaducts, sidewalks, curbing, street crossings, grade separations, and other public ways and highways belonging to the city. The director shall have charge of second-level walkway capital improvements.

    The director shall have charge of the installation, operation, and maintenance of street lights and traffic-control devices and accompanying equipment, including signs, pavement markings, hazard markings and signals; and shall enforce the municipal code provisions regarding private utility poles, lines and facilities for electricity, telephone and telegraph.

    The director shall have charge of the collection and disposal of city wastes.

    The director shall maintain a complete set of records and maps showing all pertinent information as to the public services and properties set forth herein in the charge of the department and shall perform such other duties as may be imposed by the city manager.

    Any provisions of the Cincinnati Municipal Code that refer to the department of public works or the director of public works shall be read to mean the department of public services or the director of the department of public services, so far as they are consistent with the duties set forth in this article and in accordance with the direction of the city manager.

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