§ 6.  

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  • The council shall have power by majority vote, to create a department of finance and to authorize the city manager to appoint a director of finance and such subordinates, including a city treasurer, from time to time, as he sees fit. The council shall prescribe the qualifications and duties of the director of finance and may provide for the administrative organization of the department. The council may transfer to the director of finance or one or more of his subordinates any duties previously performed by the city treasurer or the city auditor, as well as any other powers that it may see fit. The council shall also have power to appoint, from time to time, an auditor or auditors to examine the records and accounts of the city or any of its officers, departments, boards or commissions and report the findings to the council. The director of finance shall be the chief fiscal officer of the city.

    Director of Public Utilities

(Ordinance No. 301-1950, passed by the city council on September 6, 1950, abolished the existing offices of city auditor and city treasurer, established a department of finance, authorized appointment of a director of finance and subordinates.)