§ 1.  

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  • The mayor, as provided in Article III of this charter, shall appoint a city manager who shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the city. The city manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of his or her executive and administrative qualifications and need not, when appointed, be a resident of the city or state. Neither the mayor nor a member of council shall be appointed as city manager. The city manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term, as hereinafter provided. The city manager shall be removable at any time at the pleasure of the mayor and the council as provided in Article III. If removed at any time after the city manager has served six months, he or she may demand written charges and the right to be heard thereon at a public meeting of the council prior to the date on which his or her final removal shall take effect, but pending and during such hearing, the mayor, subject to the approval of council, may suspend him or her from office. The action of the mayor and the council in suspending or removing the city manager shall be final, it being the intention of this charter to vest all authority and fix all responsibility for any such suspension or removal in the mayor and the council.

    The council may authorize the designation of some other officer of the city to perform the duties of the city manager during the city manager's absence or disability. The city manager shall receive such compensation and related benefits as are determined by the council.

(Amended by Ord. No. 77-1999, eff. Dec. 1, 2001; election of May 4, 1999)